The COA committees are chaired by the following Directors.  Volunteer for a committee be contacting the chairs.

Committee Chair
Executive Committee Commander Heather Brake


Lieutenant Commander Kristie Purdy, MS, RD/LD, CDE (Email)

Mission Statement

Communications and Public Relations

Lieutenant Commander Danielle Mills, MPH, REHS (Email)

Mission Statement

Legislative Affairs

Captain Paul Jung, MD, MPH, MBA (Email)

Mission Statement

Local Branch

Captain Karen Munoz, RN, BSN, MS (Email)

Commander Kelly Valente, PharmD


Captain David Lau, DPM, MBA, MPH (Email)

Mission Statement

Constitution and Bylaws

Commander Christine Merenda, MPH, RN (Email)

Mission Statement

Retiree and Alumni

Rear Admiral, Ret., Rich A. Rubendall, PE (Email)

Rear Admiral, Ret., Rick Barror, PhD (Email)

Captain, Ret., Dean Coppola, DDS (Email)

Mission Statement

Get Involved

There are many ways for active duty and retired Public Health Service officers to engage with COA and our nationwide network of officers.

Join a Local Branch
COA offers dozens of Local Branches throughout the United States.  Some are even overseas.  Search here for a Local Branch in your state and contact COA staff about joining.

Run for Office
Directors serve two-year terms on the COA Board of Directors.  Self-nominations are allowed.  Please consider running for an open seat on the Board.

Volunteer for a Committee
The strategic goals of COA are achieved through working committees comprised of active duty and retired PHS officers.  Contact committee chairs and volunteer.