Nominations for Board of Directors

Voting is now open for elections to the COA Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2018-19.  Voting closes on June 1. 

Click here to vote online.  The applications linked below are also available when you vote online.

We need to fill the following seats: Dental, Engineer, Environmental Health, Scientist, Field Officer (outside of DC), and Retired Officer.  The Retired Officer members of the COA Board of Directors also serve as appointed Trustees of the PHS Commissioned Officers Foundation (COF) for the Advancement of Public Health.


Dental: CDR Valarie Wilson (application), CDR Kevin Zimmerman (application

Engineer: CDR Nikhil Thakur (application

Environmental Health: CDR Danielle Mills (application

Field: CAPT Todd Alspach (application), CDR Liatte Closs (application), LCDR Kelly Fath (application), CDR Mary McGarry (application), CAPT Dana Thomas (application

Retired: CAPT Dean Coppola (application

Scientist: CAPT Martin Sanders (application

Application Procedures

Candidates may be nominated by others or self-nominate.  Submit nominations to  The nomination shall include the following and must be limited to one page (10 pt font, no attachments): 

•           Name/Rank/(Active Duty, Retired or Inactive Reserve) *

•           Board Position for which nomination submitted (e.g. Dietitian, Field Rep., Retired)

•           Daytime Phone

•           E-mail Address

•           Current PHS position (or Retired/Inactive Reserve) and location *

•           Previous PHS positions *

•           Related Professional Activities *

•           PHS Awards/Honors Received *

•           COA Offices Held or Membership on Board Committees (include dates)

•           Position Statement (not to exceed 200 words) *

•           Statement of understanding and willingness to abide by Board Participation Guidelines   


Those items with an “*” next to them will be included in FRONTLINE for consideration by the general membership.  The nominee should submit his/her nomination form by attaching to an email.

Click here for Board Participation Guidelines and the Nomination Form