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Civilian Outstanding Support of the USPHS
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The COA Civilian Outstanding Support of the USPHS Commissioned Corps Award is an award presented by the Association to those civilian (individuals and/or groups) who have distinguished themselves in their service to the Commissioned Corps (Corps).

Call for Nominations

Nominations are due by December 31. Submit nominations online via SurveyMonkey.

CAPT Brian Lewis (Awards Chair) congratulates Ms. Leah Dudley (Indian Health Service) with the inaugural award for Civilian Outstanding Support of the USPHS Commissioned Corps.


This award recognizes those civilians who by their actions have improved the performance and/or achievements of officers in the Corps.  The person or persons nominated for this award have demonstrated leadership and excellence and acted "above and beyond" the call of their profession.  Their outstanding contributions can be made in any area of Corps activity including administration, science, policy, management, logistics, and response.

In general, persons considered will include federal civilian employees; however, that is not a requirement as there are many civilians not in federal government who interact daily with the Commissioned Corps. Knowledge of the COA is not a requirement for nomination.  Nominations do not have to come from Commissioned Corps officers.


The mission of the COA is to protect and enhance the public health and safety of the United States by supporting and advancing the interest of the Corps and its officers. All active duty officers work alongside civilian colleagues. The success of the Corps, and the individual officers, is not possible without the effective support from their civilian colleagues.  Together, they form teams which work to protect, promote, and advance the health and safety of our Nation. Those nominated for this award will be fully knowledgeable of this construct and have demonstrated their abilities in this area.  Consideration depends on the nominee(s)' knowledge and support of the Commissioned Corps:

a. Contributions must support achieving the mission of the Corps 

b. Contributions must demonstrate a benefit to their Corps colleagues 

c. Contributions should reflect exceptional devotion to duty and be significant in terms of increasing efficiency and excellence 

d. Contributions may be sustained over a career or represent a single noteworthy action 

e. Contributions may be recent or those that precede the creation of this award (2016)