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Mission of COA

The mission of COA is to protect and enhance the public health and safety of the United States by supporting and advancing the interests of the Commissioned Corps and its officers.

COA is the only organization working exclusively on behalf of the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. COA serves as a legislative aide, a media consultant, and a career development specialist to its members by providing:

  • Representation and advocacy
  • Education and training for health professionals
  • Collaboration with related organizations
  • Dissemination of professional information


  • Grow:  COA will grow membership.  There is strength in numbers.
  • Engage:  COA will further membership engagement, collegiality, networking, and participation in COA activities to promote unity, support members’ well-being and success, share resources, and collaborate to achieve COA goals.
  • Serve:  COA will expand/reshape its programs to strengthen its value proposition for COA active duty, reserve, and retired officers.
  • Advocate:  COA will strengthen and amplify its voice advocating for Public Health Service Commissioned Corps officers.


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