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Our Board of Directors

COA is led by a Board of Directors and Executive Director Jacqueline Rychnovsky, PhD, CAE.  The Board of Directors has elected, voting members, and one ex-officio, non-voting member (Executive Director).  Directors represent their Public Health Service professional category, officers in the field, or retired officers.

Applications to serve on the 2024-27 Board of Directors are closed.

Click here for the latest version of the COA Bylaws.

Executive Committee
Chair Commander James Gooch (Bio)
Chair-Elect Commander Kathryn Jacques (Bio)
Treasurer Lieutenant Commander Christopher G. Mendoza-Truong (Bio)
Past Chair Commander Kristie Purdy (Bio)
Executive Director (ex officio) Jacqueline Rychnovsky (Bio)

Commissioned Corps Category
Dental Captain Renee Joskow (Bio)
Dietitian Lieutenant Commander Jenna Cope (Bio)
Engineer Captain Kurt Kesteloot (Bio)
Environmental Health Commander James Gooch (Bio)
Health Services Commander Neelam Ghiya (Bio)
Medical Lieutenant Commander Melissa Reyes (Bio)
Nurse Commander Alyssa Givens (Bio)
Pharmacist Lieutenant Commander Christopher G. Mendoza-Truong (Bio)
Scientist Lieutenant Commander Julia Zucco (Bio)
Therapist Commander Kathryn Jacques (Bio)
Veterinarian Commander Wanda Wilson-Egbe (Bio)
Field Representative Lieutenant Commander Traci Murray (Bio)
Field Representative Lieutenant Commander Rachel Forche (Bio)
Field Representative Captain Luis Rodriguez (Bio) Ready Reserve Officer Lieutenant Evan Williams (Bio) Retired Officer Captain (Ret.) Margaret Riggs (Bio) Retired Officer Captain (Ret.) Terry Hoffeld (Bio) Retired Officer Captain (Ret.) Alan Echt (Bio)

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